Why You Must Follow Your Manufacturer’s Schedule for Vehicle Maintenance

Why You Must Follow Your Manufacturer’s Schedule for Vehicle Maintenance

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One of the things we all love to have is vehicles. Vehicles have served us well since they were invented. There’s no argument about that. But they have also led to many chaos and disasters. This is simply because the owners of the vehicles have failed to stick with basic vehicle maintenance practices, care and safety.

Many drivers, after buying their new vehicle and driving it from the lot, that’s the end. They don’t stick with the manufacturer’s schedule for vehicle maintenance. They also fail to heed to basic vehicle maintenance practices and principles.

Well, here are 5 reasons why you must follow your manufacturer’s schedule for vehicle maintenance:

  1. Prevent Voiding Vehicle Warranty

Vehicle warranty is a system that has been set aside by vehicle manufacturers to protect the vehicle, ensure efficiency and extend the life span of a vehicle. Typically, most warranties cover 3 years or 60,000 miles after the date of purchase against defects that will enable the vehicle to malfunction.

But this is not automatic.

Your manufacturer is not under obligation to repair or replace faulty parts of your vehicle if you fail to follow basic maintenance practices noted in the Owner’s Manual. If you fail to follow the owner’s prescription to maintain the car, you’re risking voiding your warranty.

  1. Extend Vehicle Life Span

If you want to extend the life span of your vehicle, you simply have to stick with your manufacturer’s schedule for vehicle maintenance. Basic vehicle maintenance practices such as changing oil, checking tire pressure, checking gas type, replacing air filter and all others have clearly been outlined in the Owner’s Manual.

These things are not just outlined; there have been given detailed description. For example, your Owner’s Manual can guide you on the type of oil and gas to use for your vehicle. If you keep using the wrong vehicle ignorantly, you’ll realize that you’re unknowingly reducing the life span of the vehicle.

  1. Save Money on Repairs

The general rule in vehicle maintenance is that if you keep to a regular schedule for maintenance, you’ll save money on repairs on the long term. If you spend a little to replace defunct parts of your car, do regular checkup and wash your car, you’ll realize that you will save money on the long term on doing huge repairs.

Failure to stick to manufacturer’s schedule for vehicle maintenance can cause your vehicle to crush down; this might cost you a lot of money to repair and deal with. To avoid these things, the best thing to do is to always ensure you keep your vehicle intact. Regular vehicle maintenance will help your vehicle  to perform better and ensure your safety.

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