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People are Stealing Your Fuel? Here’s What To Do

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As the price of oil increases, there is a need to ensure that people don’t steal your fuel. If you are in business, you can actually save the amount of money invested into buying fuel and converted into growing your business. If you’re a commercial driver, you have to still protect your fuel from thefts.

While you work on minimizing or avoiding fuel theft, you should also work on how to a save fuel while driving. By working on your speeding, acceleration, braking and many others, you can be able to save fuel while driving. Then by protecting your fuel from thefts, you can be able to finally protect your fuel.

The following are five ways to protect your fuel from thieves.

  1. Install an Anti-Siphon Fuel Device

People are very cruel, they would always find a way to steal your fuel. To deal with the problem, you should install an anti-siphon fuel device which can be able to protect you from fuel theft. The anti-vortex system also splashes back when refilling the fuel; and the float valve also protects over flowing. This helps to keep your fuel save.

  1. Park at Secure Place and Ensure the Fuel Tank is Locked

If you want to protect your fuel, then you need to educate your employees and any one that uses your vehicle to park the car at a secure place. Parking the car at a theft-prone area is a recipe for disaster. You should always park at a secure place and ensure that the fuel tank is always closed.

  1. Monitor and Track Your Fuel Usage

If you don’t monitor and track your fuel usage, it would be very difficult to even know when someone has stone the fuel. Thus, monitoring and tracking your fuel usage is very important to protect your fuel from thefts. Some GPS tracking devices also help to keep track of your fuel usage. You can consider installing one.

  1. Installing Security Cameras in Your Car, Yard and Fences

To protect your fuel from thieves, you would have to track and monitor. With a security camera, you can play back and see who and how your fuel have been stolen. This can help you make an informed decision on how to protect your fuel from thieves.

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