Speed Governors

How Speed Governors Work to Limit a Car’s Speed

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Over speeding has been one of the top causes of road accidents. In view of this, many countries have sanction private and commercial drivers to install speed governors for their vehicles. Vehicle manufactures also install speed governors in manufactured cars so that they can be able to pre-set the car’s speed limit.

What’s the function of speed governors?

To control and limit the speed range of a vehicle.

Since over speeding is what causes the fatal road accidents, if the problem of overspending has not been dealt with, it would not be possible to reduce the rate of road accidents. This is achieved through the incredible work of speed governors.

How Speed Governors Work

In general, speed governors have electronic sensors and these sensors work with the engine’s computer to be able to control the speed rate of vehicle. The electronic sensors collects data of the speed rate of a vehicle, and conveys that information to the engine’s computer.

Once the speed rate reaches the preset limit, the engine quickly restricts the free flow of air, fuel and even the combustion system so that the vehicle cannot spark and proceed. By communicating the speed rate to the engine’s computer system, the engine is able to help control the speed rate of the car.

The vehicle can move as fast as it can, but it would generally be unable to overstep its speed limit. In this way, the speed governor works with the car’s engine to control overspending. The vehicle’s speed limit can be preset at the time of installation to help control the speed rate of the vehicle.

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