How to the Replace Speed Sensor of Your Speedometer

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To control and manage your speed while driving, you need a speedometer. But it’s absolute waste of time if you have a speedometer with a faulty speed sensor.

A faulty speed sensor simply means that there will be no speed readings because the sensor will be unable to detect and transmit the speed levels of the vehicle to the inbuilt car computer for calculation and reading.

In this case, you have to work on the sensor or replace it. Whatever be the case, it is good to consult your mechanic before your jump to conclusion.

Well, here is how to replace your sensor if you are using a front wheel drive vehicle

  1. Check behind your car engine and you’ll find the speed sensor above the tran-axle.
  2. Remove the lockers such as the connecting hose, air cleaner and the electrical connecter lying above the speed sensor.
  3. With the help of a 10 mm socket, gently remove all bolts connecting the speed sensor.
  4. Clean the new sensor—both the exterior and the flange—and then attach an O-ring to it.
  5. Finally fix the new speed sensor and replace the connecting hose, air cleaner and electrical connector.

If you are using a rear front drive vehicle, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Check below the transmission on the driver’s side and you’ll find the speed sensor.
  2. With the help of a jack, raise the vehicle up from the driver’s side.
  3. Remove the wheel, electrical connector and bolts connecting the sensor.
  4. Clean the new sensor, add an O-ring to it and finally use a socket to reconnect it.
  5. Refix the wheel, electrical connector and other things up.

What’s the issue with your sensor? Ensure you consult your mechanic for advice prior to the fixing so you don’t end up making any costly mistakes.

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