3 Reasons Why Your Speedometer Is Not Working

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Over speeding skills!

To avoid road accidents it is important to control over speeding. But how can you control your speed if you don’t know your speed level? This is where your speedometer comes in!

The speedometer is an instrument which provides the driver continuous reading of  speed levels of a vehicle. The speedometer provides the driver with instantaneous speed readings so that the driver can take advantage of that to control and manage speed levels.

But the problem is that the speedometer in many vehicles is either not working or not being utilized for maximum speed management. Is your speedometer faulty?

There are three basic reasons:

  1. Faulty Sensor
  2. Bad Wiring
  3. Faulty Computer

Faulty Sensor

The three main functions that controls and manages the speedometer is the sensor, cable system (wiring) and the computer. The job of the sensor is to detect and evaluate speed levels. Most sensors are digital in nature—able to determine the speed levels of a car and transmit it through the cable to the computer for display.

Unfortunately, if the sensor is faulty, it’s not able to detect and send speed data to the car’s computer for readings. In this case, the speed sensor glows. The solution is to calibrate or renew it.

Bad Wiring

The cable and the wiring system in the car are very important.

When the speed sensor picks up speed signals, it transmits it through the cable to the computers computer for calculation and reading. If the wiring system in the car is bad, it prevents the transmission of speed signals from the sensor to the car’s computer.

Thus, there will be no data to be displayed. The solution here is to get an expert to check and re-fix the cable.

Faulty Computer

The job of the speedometer’s computer system is to calculate the speed signals and display them on the screen for viewing. But when the computer is faulty, it’s unable to calculate and record speed signals. The best thing in this case is to replace it.

To get your speedometer working always, ensure that the sensor, wiring and the computer are all in good conditions. Regular check up on these things is necessary to ensure that all things are done properly.

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