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According to World Health Organization report on Kenya, 3,000 to 13,000 people lose their lives annually as a result of road accidents. Many of these people are said to be vulnerable road users—pedestrians, motorcycles and cyclists—who lose their lives through unsafe public transportation.

Reducing road carnage and improving road safety is a top government priority.

It is for this reason that the speed governor scheme has been instituted by the government to help reduce reckless driving which primarily causes road accidents.

How sad is it to hear that the trend of road accidents still continues to upswing as a result of installation of fake speed governors in many public transports. This reckless and unlawful act tends to expose the lives of vulnerable passengers to road traffic crashes.

But how can fake speed governors be detected in the market?

  1. Approval by Government Agencies

The very first way to detect the quality rating of a speed governor is to check whether it has been officially approved by the state as safe for use. Government laboratories have been set up to check the technical specifications and the quality of these gadgets.

The National Inspector of Vehicles is mandated to check the quality and accuracy of speed governors. The police officials however simply check the existence of speed governors in vehicles. They aren’t able to detect whether they are fake speed governors or not.

  1. Approval by Customers

The negligent of corrupt and unethical State Officials leads to the spread of fake governors. Since some state officials are corrupt, they tend to license some of these fake speed governors into the system, collecting huge sums of money from the operators.

In view of this, it is necessary to also confirm from the public. Approval from customers is the best source of product quality rating. The customers are those who buy and use the product. They can therefore tell quality! Confirm from other users before buying your next speed governor.

  1. Approval by Auto Mechanic Technicians

It is very important to get a qualified, professional and licensed auto mechanic to check your speed governor before you buy it. Don’t compromise your livelihood and buy fake speed governors. Get your auto mechanic to confirm the quality of the speed governor.

Ensure that all technical parts are complete and working. The fuel control, electrical control and speed server unit which are usually missing in fake speed governors must be complete and operational. Ensure they are tested and working properly before paying your hard earned money for it!

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