Road Safety Issues for Bus Transport

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Roads Safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent roads users from being killed or seriously injured. Road users include cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, vehicle passengers and passengers of our-road public transport.

Road traffic crashes are one of the world’s largest public health and injury prevention problems. This is the more reason there must be a serious concentration on road safety.

The problem is all the more acute because the victims are overwhelmingly hurt after their crashes. According to report from World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1 million people are called on the world’s roads each year.

A report published by the WHO in 2004 estimated that some 1.2 million people were killed and 50 million were injured in traffic collisions. On the roads around the world each year and was the leading cause of death among children 10-19 years of age. It was also noted that was most severe in developing counties.

Ten Facts about Road Safety

  1. More than 1.2 million people die in road traffic crashes every year.
  2. As many as 50 million people are injured or disabled by traffic crashes every year.
  3. Half of all crash victims are vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
  4. Road traffic crashes cost countries up to 4% of their Gross National Product.
  5. Correctly used seat-belts reduce the risk of death in crash by 61%.
  6. Mandatory use of child restraints can reduce child deaths by 35%.
  7. Helmets reduce total and serious head injuries by up to 45%.
  8. Enforcing a drinking and during law around the world could reduce alcohol related crashes by 20%.
  9. For every 1km/h reduction in average speed, there is a 2% reduction in the number of crashes.
  10. Simple low-cost engineering measures are saving thousands of lives.
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How to Ensure Road Safety for Kids

  1. Know your signals: Help children to learn about the traffic light and signs.
  2. Green means “GO”.
  3. Red means “Stop”.
  4. Yellow means to slow down.
  5. The “walk” or a walking man symbol at intersections is for pedestrians. Cross the road only these signs turn green.
  6. Stop, look and Cross: Look to your right and then to then to the left to see if there are any approaching vehicles.
  7. Don’t run on Roads: teach your children to stay calm on the road and never to run or sprint.
  8. Always use sidewalks.
  9. Never stick hands outside the vehicle.
  10. Never cross road at bends. Always get out at the curb side.

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