Road Safety Tips for All Road Users in the Festive Season

Safety Tips for All Road Users in the Festive Season

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A road user may include anyone who uses a road, such as a pedestrian, cyclists or motorists. As divers, cyclists, and pedestrians on the roads, there are road safety tips for all road users in the Festive Season and all year around that must be observed to avoid accidents.

They include:

Don’t use your mobile phone whilst driving

Making or receiving a call even when using a “hand free” phone, can distract your attention from driving and could lead to an accident. Phones are necessary in our daily lives therefore one have to park well to receive a call.

Belt up in the back

In a collision or accident, an unbelted rear passenger can kill or seriously injure the driver or a front seat passenger. Belting saves lives especially during emergencies.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Any Alcohol, even a small amount, can impair you’re driving so the driver should be safe by not drinking and driving. It is also dangerous to one’s health.

Reduce Speed

Another safety tip for all road users in the festive season is to slow down. For instance at 35mph (metre per hour), a driver is twice as likely to kill a pedestrian if care is not properly taken. Speeding is definitely not a good idea.


Children often act impulsively, they have to take extra care outside schools, near buses and ice cream vans that exist around them. They are our future leaders.

Take a Break

Tiredness is thought to be a major factor in more than 10% of road accidents. Drivers as well as motorists must plan to stop for at least a 15 minute break every 2 hours when travelling on a long journey. This could help to reduce some stress.

Walk safely

When crossing a road one must use a pedestrian crossing if there exist one nearby. Help others to see you by wearing a glowing or reflective clothing in poor light conditions.

A unique significance of these safety tips for all road users in the festive season is that it could help in shaping the attitudes and behaviors of children and young people ensuring they become responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclist.

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