So What Is Overspeeding?

So What Exactly Is Overspeeding?

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So, what is overspeeding? It seems a lot of people turn to confuse these two terms: speeding and overspeeding. These two words, has different meanings, and many people turn to use the latter to refer to the former, especially in Kenya and Africa.

Many people have also fallen a victim to the misuse of these two words before getting educated about the difference. Most at times, when people say overspeeding they mean to say driving above the speed limit as allowed by law, but that is not the right word to use. When one drives above the speed limit, we say the person is speeding not overspeeding.

Let’s look at their definitions; according to the American Heritage Dictionary of English Language, 4th edition, when a car or a motor vehicle is driving faster than is permitted by law, we say the car or motor vehicle is speeding. So, if the speed limit in a given area or road is say, 50km/h and a car is driving on the same route at 60km/h then the car is speeding not overspeeding.

On the other hand, overspeeding is a condition in which an engine is allowed to turn beyond its design limit.  This may have a lot of implications on the engine. Overspeeding in an engine can cause engine failure or may even reduce the life span of the engine. The speed of an engine is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM).

So, when do we say an engine is overspeeding? It can happen in the engines of cars, motor cycles and even aircrafts. Here are some examples:

  • In jet aircrafts, an overspeed will occur when the axial compressor exceeds its maximal operating rotational speed. This can lead to the mechanical failure of turbine blades, flameout and complete destruction of the engine.
  • In vehicles, overspeeding can be caused in an engine by turning to an inappropriate low gear or even unregulated engines will over speed if the power is applied with little or no load.

Overspeeding in engines can be prevented. Some engines are fitted with a regulator or governor to make it impossible for the engine to overspeed or make it less likely to.

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