Speed Governors and Tracking Devices: Ultimate Devices In Fleet Management

Speed Governors and Tracking Devices: Ultimate Devices In Fleet Management

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Managing fleet is a challenging task.

But with the right tools, devices and systems in place, managing fleet will be very simple and effective. When done well, fleet management will help to mitigate risk, reduce costs and increase the profitability of both private and commercial vehicles.

One of the goals of fleet managers is to increase the lifespan of their fleet. This requires proper adherence to fleet management functions such as vehicle maintenance, vehicle diagnostics, vehicle speed management, vehicle tracking and driver management.

Speed governors and tracking devices have remained the ultimate devices in fleet management. They simply gets the job get done. Quality speed governors and tracking devices help in managing most of the fleet management functions.

The following are the twin roles that speed governors and tracking devices play in managing fleet.

  1. Tracking devices help evaluate the speed at which the driver is driving while speed governors control the speed.


  1. Tracking devices help to evaluate the speed rate of a driver while speed governors prevent the driver from exceeding the required speed limit.


  1. Tracking devices help to free up yourself while speed governors help your driver to free up him/herself and focus on driving.


  1. Tracking devices help to determine the current location of your fleet while speed governors help your drivers identify their current speed limit and prompts then with sound signals if they have reached their required driving limit.


  1. Tracking devices protect your fleet from theft and abusive uses while speed governors protect your driver from reckless driving and road accidents.


  1. Tracking devices monitor your fleet, enables you to plan your timing on the road, the amount of fuel to use and any other precautionary needs. Speed Governors on the other hand ensures the safety of your vehicle by controlling speed, preventing reckless driving and avoiding road accidents.

If you’re looking to ensure efficiency in your fleet management, it is mandatory to have the twin paddies, speed governors and tracking devices.

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