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How Speed Governors Help Reduce Car-Related Deaths

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Speeding is arguably the number one cause of road accidents. Many people have lost their dear lives as a result of over speeding. This often happens in the weekends and on weekdays during rush hour period. Road traffic accidents, resulting from over speeding has killed many people and is still doing so.

One of the ways to deal with this menace is to ensure that all drivers install speed governors in their car. When drivers install speed governors in their car, it would be much easier to track, monitor and control the speed of vehicles—which would in effect deal with the issue of over speeding. Dealing with all this issues would go a long way to reduce car related deaths that occurs on the road each year.

It all starts with sensitizing drivers on the use of speed governors—understanding the importance and relevance of speed governors in maintaining road safety. Police officials and the State has to play an active role in this massive campaign and education. Apart from that companies that deals in the sales of speed governors like Eureka Technical Services must also educate drivers on the need to install speed governors in their car.

Due to the rampant occurrence of road traffic accidents, many countries have taken a pragmatic approach to deal with the issue. This includes setting a standard speed limit to deal with all issues and concerns with regards to road traffic accidents. The Rwanda National Police, Road Safety and the Sate, for instance has set 60km/hr maximum speed to regulate all drivers. This was done after several considerations.

After a careful consideration of several factors that leads to road traffic accidents, they settled on this specific number. In addition to enforcing the speed limit, they have made it mandatory for all drivers to install speed governors in their car. This has helped to reduce the road accidents as well as accident related death.

According to the Rwanda Police Reports, they recorded 541 cases of which 25 people had been killed and74 seriously injured between August 2016 and January 2017, before the introduction of those speed governors.

And then during the period between February-July 2017, the Rwanda National Police says it recorded 424 accidents that killed 14 people while those injured were 54. These figures led the police to the conclusion that the use of speed governors was yielding positive results. That means installation of speed governors inn cars is very important in reducing road accidents and car-related deaths.

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