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Top 20 Causes of Fatal Road Accidents

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Day in day out road accidents happen. And we’re all responsible in one way or the other to prevent these road accidents from occurring. We all have our role to play. All road users—pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, automobile drivers and so forth—we all have our role to play. When we play our role well, we have a good chance to reduce the menace of road accidents.

The State as a nation has a role to play to curb the rate at which road accidents take place. In many countries, September to December happens to the months of the year that experiences enormous amount of road accidents. Many people are involved in fatal road accidents that causes disastrous effect to their lives. This is the reason why many countries has asked drivers to have speed governors installed in their car.

When speed governors are installed in cars, it can help deal with the issue of over speeding. But apart from over speeding, there are several other factors. These factors accounts for the numerous road carnage that we see on the road every now and then. The following are the top 20 causes of fatal road accidents.

  1. Driver error reaction
  2. Loss of control
  3. Poor turning or maneuver
  4. Disobeying give way or stop sign
  5. Aggressive driving
  6. Driver inexperience
  7. Tailgating
  8. Moving too fast on the road
  9. Defective eyesight
  10. Bad road conditions
  11. Using the phone while driving
  12. Driving under influence
  13. Careless, reckless driving
  14. Vehicle defects
  15. Parking at the wrong places
  16. Skipping road speed limit signs
  17. Driving an overweight car
  18. Failure to install speed governors
  19. Reckless overtaking on the road
  20. Distracted driving

Among all these 30 causes, which one are you a culprit of?

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