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Top 3 Things for Pedestrians to Avoid Road Accidents with Trucks

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Many road accidents in Kenya have been as result of a heavy truck running into a smaller trucks. To avoid the menace of road accidents in Kenya involving trucks, it is very important for pedestrians to be conscious of trucks on the road and know how to navigate themselves in order to avoid fatal road accidents.

So all pedestrians must be on the lookout of trucks and be careful on the road when dealing with them. The demands of many organizations, institutions and industries will always increase the movement of trucks on the roads. So we cannot control the movement of trucks on the road to avoid road accidents in Kenya. But the area of focus should be taking extra care around trucks.

Well, the following are few safety tips for pedestrians to be careful around trucks.

  1. Always Remember that Trucks Can’t Always See You

To be careful around trucks, you need to always remember that trucks don’t always see you. And this the very reason you should not expect the truck to give you way, but rather give the truck way as you pass along the road.

Trucks are heavy vehicle and drivers look closely to the road, not seeing everything around them. This is the more reason you need to understand that truck drivers will not always see you so that you can always take precautionary steps.

  1. Always Cross at Designated Pedestrian Crossing Areas

You should not try to run pass a truck on the highway. That will be a recipe for disaster.

Rather, you should always focus on crossing the road at designated pedestrian crossing units. This will enhance your safety. Truck drivers understand that they need to control their speed and allow pedestrians to cross at the zebra crossing units, so they take the safety concerns of pedestrians well so that they can be able to avid crashing in pedestrians while crossing at pedestrian crossings.

  1. Always Look Careful Before Crossing at Non-Pedestrian Crossings

You may not always have the chance to cross at pedestrian crossings.

But even if you are crossing at other areas, you should always ensure that your take precaution by looking left, right then forward before crossing. You should also avoid putting your headset and phones on when you are crossing the road, especially when a moving truck is approaching.

Following these simple tips should help you keep safe with trucks and avoid road accidents in Kenya.

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