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Top 3 Things All Road Users Must Know About Trucks to Avoid Accidents

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As long as we continue using the road, we have to be safety conscious. Being careful and aware of other road users, trucks and vehicles will help us to maintain a balance posture on the road as well as ensure road safety. Road safety in Kenya is very serious concern. That means all road users must take pragmatic steps for road safety in Kenya.

One of the challenges of driving or moving along the road is concerns raised by road users about trucks. Trucks are heavy vehicles which do not have the agility and the flexibility of other small cars. They move slowly on the road and are also hard to stop on the road.

In most cases of accidents, you would realize that a heavy duty truck has run into and crashed a small vehicle. That happens as a result of miscommunication between the small car and the truck. Here are the few things to know about trucks in order to ensure road safety in Kenya:

  1. Trucks have larger blind spots than the average car.

It is quite easier for smaller cars to be able to see you on the road and take the relevant action to avoid any kind of road accidents. But trucks are not like that. Truck drivers may not be able to see you. So instead of thinking that the truck driver will see you and give you way, you must rather back off., if you don’t you will suffer the consequences as the truck bumps on you.

  1. Trucks do not stop quickly as compared to the average car

Another thing you have to know about trucks in order to ensure road safety in Kenya is to keep concern about the time it takes a truck to stop as compared to the average car. This is the reason smaller cars either in front or at the back of moving truck, must be careful driving pass the truck.

You should not expect the truck to stop quickly to avoid a sudden occurrence on the road, it takes more time for a truck to stop as compared to a smaller car. For example, an unloaded double truck travelling at only 40 km/h can take about 35 meters to stop, but a car travelling at the same speed may take only 27 meters to stop.

  1. Always be on the lookout for trucks to avoid road accidents

The key to avoiding road accidents related to trucks is to be on the lookout for them. Don’t expect the truck to give way for you. You should rather be proactive and give the truck the requisite pass so that you can avoid any kind of road accidents involving trucks, Remember that truck drivers may not be able to see you

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