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A pedestrian is a person who is walking especially in a town or city, rather than travelling in a vehicle. Pedestrian crossing is a place where pedestrians can cross a street and where motorists must stop to let them cross.

Pedestrian accidents usually move under the radar because the majority of pedestrian never report their accidents to the police. These accidents are most at times caused by the inattentiveness of a driver, but other key factors such as driver and pedestrian confusion increase the chance of pedestrian accidents as well.

A pedestrian has been defined as a person walking along a road or in a developed area. When pedestrians are walking down a street with high level of motor vehicle traffic, they are putting themselves at risk for an accident. Even if a pedestrian stays on the sidewalk and waits for a signal before crossing the road they cannot predict or control the actions of motor vehicle drivers.


  1. Weather: Weather has a strong connection to the number of accidents involving pedestrians and cars. Even though the weather doesn’t necessarily directly cause the accidents, the frequency of them does have a tendency to go up on days with clear weather since more people are likely to be out and about when the weather is nice.


  1. Electronics: Electronics have become a huge problem. Drivers that are on their phone. Whether they are texting or talking are distracted and become reckless. Pedestrians who have phones and other technology tend to pay more attention to their devices than they do to their own safety on or around the road.


Electronic cars, which tend to be good for the environment happens to be quieter because they are running off batteries. The electronic cars are so quiet that they have higher likelihood of hitting pedestrians because the walkers do not hear them.


  1. Wearing dark clothing can also be a problem. In the night, most drivers may not be able to see those who are wearing dark cloths as easily and this increase the risk of an accident.


  1. Substances that alter the mind. Drinking and driving is a terrible idea. Also, drinking and walking can be dangerous as well. Statistics show that a number of injured pedestrians have high blood alcohol concentrations.


  1. Left hand turns are still a problem. The statistics show that there are three times as many people who get hit by cars turning left as those that are turning tight. Turning left causes the driver to have to take in far more things visually and mentally than turning right.


Keep in mind also that there are still a good number of unmarked crossways around our towns. There are also a danger in parking lots, as there is not really a designated and separate area for pedestrians and vehicles.

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