Top 5 Causes of Road Accidents

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Getting into a road accident can lead to several unwanted consequences, including permanent injuries, loss of earnings. Here are the top 5 cause sof road accidents:

#1. Over Speeding – one third of all car accidents can be attributed to speeding.

The faster a car driver speeds, the less time you have to react- not to mention the increase in forces on the human body in a collision at high speeds. As a result, personal injuries are worse in car accidents at high speeds. Speeding is a deliberate and calculated behaviour where the driver knows the risk but ignores the danger.

The following are the reasons why excessive speed is not advisable.

  1. It increases stopping distance
  2. It contributes to accident
  3. You may not be able to control a vehicle in a roundabout and in an emergency. When and where to reduce speed;
  4. When driving in the night
  5. During the harmattan
  6. When there is fog.

#2: Drunk driving – Thousands of car accidents with drunk drivers causes tragedy and grief, making it one of the top causes of automobile accidents.

Driving impairs your senses (vision and hearing) and results in decreased muscle coordination and slower reaction times – not a good combination for driving a car. The drunk driver often survives but tragically, innocent people are usually killed. Ways to prevent drunk driving accidents.

  1. Raise the minimum drinking age nationwide from 18 years to 21 years.
  2. Bringing the wrong doers to civil justice, while the criminal charges are left to the District Attorney.
  3. We should be able to educate our people.

#3: Driving in the Rain – Rain makes it more difficult to stay on a roadway, to stop or to avoid colliding with other vehicles.

Roads are slippery at the beginning of a rainstorm. When the road first gets wet, oil rises to the surface and creates a greasy surface. If you can’t stop your car in time, that is when accidents happen!

Rain decreases visibility: During rain storms, it can be difficult for drivers to see other cars.

#4: Improper turns – In the course of using the road, a time will come or arise when a driver will need to make a turn.

To make a turn;

  1. Signal at least 30 meters before the turn
  2. Reduce your speed
  3. Look out for traffic on all sides.
  4. Cancel the signal when the turning is completed.
  5. Never make a u – turn of the following places.
  6. Crest of a hill
  7. Bends or corners
  • On the highway

#5: Night driving – Driving at night rarely doubles the risk of a car accident occurring.

When one cannot see what is up ahead you don’t know what to anticipate as you drive towards it. As the sun goes down, your awareness of the road and cars around you must go up. Problems of driving at night include:

  1. There is reduced visibility
  2. One may feel tired and sleepy
  3. There is poor lighting
  4. Drivers who are drunk may be using the road at night.

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