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Top 5 Effects of Road Accidents in Africa

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The alarming rate of road accidents calls for concern. The predictions of WHO and World Bank Group about the road safety issues in Africa are really serious. It’s very surprising that with just 2% of the world’s vehicles Africa records 16% of the world’s road accidents fatalities.

According to the report, moving at the same alarming rate, road accidents may tend to take more lives than the notable malaria and HIV/AIDS in Africa. This calls for analyzing and evaluating the effects of road accidents in Africa and dealing with issues surrounding it.

The following are five core effects of road accidents in Africa.

  1. Loss of Lives

Severe accidents lead to loss of lives. This is very serious as people lose their lives to diver’s kinds of road accidents. When people die through road accidents, they also die with their talents, skills, potentials, ideas, expertise and marvelous contributions. This means to improve Africa, there’s a need to control road accidents.

  1. Damages Sustained & Health Concerns

Many people have become redundant due to fatal road accidents. Many have lost their legs, their hands and vital parts of their bodies due to road accidents. These have increased the health relations issues of many Africans. Many are living from drug to drug die to road accidents.

  1. Loss of Productivity

Sitting at the hospital instead of being at the hospital working is a drastic cut in productivity. All companies depend on human labor to increase their effectiveness, efficiency, profitability and productivity. This calls for soundness of their team. But many companies have lost greatly as a result of road accidents.

  1. Economic Hardships

If people are sitting at home instead of working, how are they going to generate funds to taken care of themselves and increase their standard of living? This situation becomes worse if the person involved in the fatal road accident happens to be a bread winner. People suffer and standard of living falls!

  1. Decrease in GDP Growth

The continent can only grow economically and financially when people are working. Reduction in productivity will directly affect the GDP growth of the continent. According to the report by the world Bank, 3% of Africa’s GDP is loss to road accidents each year.

By evaluating the effects of road accidents in Africa you would realize that the continent is losing great potentials through road accidents. This is the reason why all road users must be safety conscious and adhere to road safety policies.

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