fleet management and costs control

Fleet Management and Costs Control

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No matter the size of organization you run, as long as you’re dealing with one or more vehicles you’re into fleet management. Private and corporate organizations must develop good fleet management functions, processes and systems that help to reduce costs.

At its basic level, fleet management and costs control are twins. The main essence of fleet management is to enhance the value of corporate and commercial vehicles as well as reducing the costs associated with managing them.

In a broader sense, fleet management functions should cover areas such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle diagnostics, vehicle tracking, and driver management, speed management, fuel management and health & safety Management. Strategic decisions must be taken on regular basis to control costs associated with these areas.

Fleet management and costs control enables commercial and private organizations to minimize risks, reduce operations costs, and utilize resources such as fuel and spare parts very well. On a day to day basis, the core areas for high level fleet management and costs control are:

  1. Vehicle Usage
  2. Fuel Usage
  3. Speed Management
  4. Health & Safety Management

Here are the main ways for fleet management and costs control for the above core areas:

  1. Vehicle Usage

Insure all corporate and commercial vehicles. Ensure all vehicles are road worthy before using them; the drivers must also be well trained to avoid reckless driving.  It is also necessary to use tracking devices to track the where about if the vehicle.

  1. Fuel Usage

Fuel costs are always rising at an alarming rate. Good fuel management is the only way for both commercial and private companies to reduce their fuel costs. The best way to do this is to keep track of all fuel purchases, track fuel usage with tracking devices as well as using anti-siphon devices to prevent fuel theft.

  1. Speed Management

Over speeding does not only wear off vehicle cars and increases the risk of road accidents, it also has the tendency of leading to loss of lives. The best way to control it is to install good speed governors that enables to control and limit the vehicle speed at the most basic level possible.

  1. Health & Safety Management

It is very important to think safety. If you fail to think safety, the end result is going to fatal road accidents. Therefore you have to make your driver(s) safety and health conscious, encourage regular meetings and follow our road safety blog.

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