Importance of Engine Management Systems in Vehicles

Importance of Engine Management Systems in Vehicles

People say, “Don’t mind the body, mind the engine.” But what if the engine is as bad as the body? Then it means it’s worthless. A car with an improper engine will do no good to you event if it has been recently sprayed.

That is why engine management systems are very important. Engine management systems are Engine Control Units (ECU) which receives signals from variety of sensors, make calculations and send output signal to various functions of a vehicle to ensure efficient operations.

Engine management systems are known to be the operating system of an engine. They can carry about 500 million operations per seconds in the operation of the engine. This ensures an efficient working of various parts of the vehicle.

The following are the core functions of engine management systems:

  1. Reduce emissions
  2. Ensure better fuel economy
  3. Ensure efficient engine operations
  4. Ensures the driving models of vehicles

Engine management systems receive sensory data from variety of sources. The sources include: craft shaft sensor, camshaft sensor, mass airflow sensor, air temperature, coolant temperature, knock sensory, oxygen sensory and many more.

These signals received are processed and sent to variety of places to ensure the vehicle is functioning well. The better the operation of the engine management system, the more efficient the engine and other vital areas of the vehicle will be.

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