Installing Speed Governors: Look For Experience and Credibility in

Installing Speed Governors: Look For Experience and Credibility

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The role of speed governors in reducing and managing road accidents cannot be underestimated. Over speeding, reckless driving, road rage among the top causes of road accidents in most countries.

In view of this, many countries have legalized the installing of speed governors in private and commercial vehicles to control road accidents. But then what a pity that most operators installing g speed governors are ill equipped to do the job well.

Speed governors are digital devices that are set forth to control and restrict speed range of vehicles. Many ill equipped operators either tamper with the speed governors so that they malfunction or they set ineffective speed governors for drivers.

Fixing speed governors is a simple technical process.

Here is are basic instruction in installing speed governors.

  1. The speed governor yellow wire is connected to the vehicle speed meter signal wire. So that it can technical readings of the speed governor can be displayed on the meter board.
  2. Set the speed governor unit connections accurately.
  3. A voltage meter should be used to read the wires between the electronic throttle and brake pedal.
  4. The wires should then be cut off and connected to the controlling unit which is 0.4V and 0.7V.

However, it has to be done by experienced, trained and credible engineers who understand the dynamics of installing speed governors. If it’s not being done well, drivers will risk exceeding speed range and expose themselves to road accidents.

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