Vehicle Tracking Device: Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

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A vehicle tracking device combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collect these fleet data for a compressive picture of vehicle locations!

For any company that runs a fleet of business vehicles, a tracking system will really take out the hassle associated with managing them, as well as improve efficiency and save your money. And tracking devices are cheaper and easier to install than one might think.

Vehicle Tracking Device

Vehicle tracking devices mostly work using GPS satellite navigation although in some cases a radio frequency or cellular network can be used if GPS coverage is not good or poor. Each vehicle transmit a signal to orbiting satellite which relay.

This information is back-upped to a specified computer. This information is then displayed on maps, allowing you to monitor speed and exact where about of the car. Tracking devices for vehicle can be either active or passive.

Types of Vehicle Tracking Device

A passive vehicle tracking device starts relaying journey information once the vehicle is turned on or the door is opened GPS data, speed and heading are then recorded once the vehicle is returned to a set base, this information is downloaded.

With the active vehicle tracking device the same information is transmitted in real time without the need for docking. So vehicle can be constantly tracked, even when devices are turned off. If a connection is poor and data can’t be transmitted many car tracking devices will revert to a passive system, to complete data transfer when the connection is better.

Vehicle Tracking Device

Read –time tracking of your fleet means better customers service. And when one is able to offer his customers better service this put you ahead of your competitors and ultimately, generate more revenue.

Want to install a vehicle tracking device on your car?

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