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3 Factors that can Increase the Risk of Being Involved in a Car Accident

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Road accidents is one the top causes of death and many fatal injuries. As a result of road accidents, many people have plunge themselves in fatal rod traffic collisions. Road accidents would always occur but something can be done about them to reduce them.

Since road accidents are triggered by a lot of factors, the expose so these factor would obviously led to road accidents. It is very important that many countries, states, companies and organizations be fatal aware and impress upon drivers to maintain all road safety rules and regulations required to main road safety.

Many drivers have been asked to mandatory install speed governors, which is a good step in the process. Young and novice drivers are more often likely to be involved in road accidents. Apart from that, there are other core factors that triggers and increases the risk of a person being involved in road accidents.

  1. Driving Under Influence

This has been noted as the primary cause of road accidents. Drugs play a big rule in triggering road accidents. They impair the driver’s sense of judgement and make him/her open to road accidents. Once you are drunk, as a result of drugs and alcohol, you are at a high risk of being involve in road accidents, if you get behind the steering wheel to drive.

  1. Distracted Driving

Without any controversy, distracted driving is one of the top causes of road accidents. Driving is a mental work and therefore requires concentration and dedication. Being distracted by several things such as social media notifications, answering text messages, eating while driving and many others increases the risk of being involved in road accidents.

  1. Over Speeding

Over speeding has led many people to the grave. Many accidents have been traced to over speeding. And this is the reason why many countries such as Kenya has made it mandatory to install road accidents. By driving above speed limit, the driver may lose control when an emergency appears. This would then lead to road accidents,

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