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Which Time of the Day Do Accidents Usually Happen?

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It’s really amazing, but accidents are inevitable parts of life. While it cannot be stopped totally, it cannot be reduced. There are many road safety practices, campaigns, educations and tools that are used every year to help reduce road accidents. Many governments and countries have also made it mandatory for all drivers to install speed governors in their cars.

Apart from the mechanics of knowing what to do to prevent and avoid road accidents, another critical fact that drivers must know is the fact that road accidents have been observed to happen at particular period of times. While cars are always on the day, road accidents usually happen at specific times of the day. That means drivers must be very cautious when driving at those times.

According to a data published by the National Highway Safety Administration, about the time of the day when fatal accidents usually occur, it was observed that most road accidents occur between 3-9 pm of the day. This is the peak moments when most road accidents occur. Apart from this, other times more open  for road accidents is from 12:01 to 6 am.

In the case of 3-9 pm, it was noted that road accidents occur when many people have gone to work and then are returning back home—the rush hour. At these times, children are rushing back home from school and parents are also rushing back home from work. The rush hour creates a friction in the system which leads to over speeding, careless overtaking and many other factors that leads to road accidents. This is the reason why you have to install speed governors to deal with the problem of over speeding.

During 12.00 to 6 am, it was noted that many people get tired, or get heavily drunk with alcohol from clubs, bars and many others. They get unto the sit and drive themselves into road accidents. In the reports, 53% (1,020 out of 1,941) of all fatal accidents between 9 pm and midnight were alcohol related in the year, 2010. Things get even more treacherous after midnight. From 12:01 to 6 am, alcohol was a factor in a full 71% (1,466 out of 2,069) lethal crashes.

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