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The purpose of speed governors is to govern, regulate and control vehicle speed.

For the speed governor to execute these functions accurately and properly, all the parts must be working very well. All the parts must be operational and functional.

Due to the clutter of saving money, many drivers are buying cheap speed governors.

Your cheap speed governor may not be effective!

One of the wings of the speed governor scandal is selling of low quality and cheap speed governors. Many technology operators compromise their quality and faulty speed governors which leads to road accidents.

An article published by Hivisasa indicated that the installations of faulty speed governors are responsible for major road accidents.

Speed governors are supposed to limit speed at the required level so that drivers do not over speed and expose themselves to road accidents!

This is not the case with cheap speed governors.

Many cheap speed governors sold by low quality and unapproved technology dealers seem to be lacking many technological specifications which temper the speed limit check.

Asian Age noted that the driving cause for the continual production, shipping and distribution of faulty speed governors is to reduce cost.

The writer noted, “While an original speed governor costs anything between `5,000 to `6,000, a fake may cost half the amount. But here’s the catch. At least three key components in the fake speed governor are either missing or their technical specifications are compromised — the electronic control unit, fuel control valve and the speed sensor

The bottom line therefore is to choose quality over cheap speed governors.

Cheap speed governors may cost less but in the long term it may cost much more than that. It has the tendency to cause road accidents, take lives and destroy auto property!

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