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Managing speed is a key issue when it comes to controlling road accidents.

Without a working speedometer, many drivers are doom to over speeding. For a speedometer to work well, all the three functional elements –speed sensor, cable and computer—must be working very well.

The Speedometer cable is very important because it helps transmit speed waves to the vehicle’s computer which interprets and displays them on the speedometer screen. Bad speedometer cable related issues have the tendency to cripple the passage of speed data to the car’s in built computer.

To remove the speedometer cable, follow the following process:

  1. Remove the engine cover and check the instrument cluster leaving the car body. In there lies the speedometer cable—a thick black wire.
  2. Remove the bolts and nuts which connect the speedometer cable to the dash board. Once done, you will get access to the old speedometer cable.
  3. Remove the nuts, clamps and engine compartments from the dash board and pull out the old cable through the passage.

To replace a new cable, follow the following procedures:

  1. Fix the square end of the new cable to the adapter and the other end to the rotating shaft.
  2. Pass the new cable through the passage and tighten the bolts at the rear square end.
  3. Connect and fix the clamps, engine cover and all nuts and ensure that everything is done properly.

Once you have fixed and connected your speedometer cable, check and ensure that everything is working—make sure the cable is able to transmit speed data from the sensor to the car’s computer displaying on the speedometer screen.

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