Top 5 causes of Kenyan Road Accidents in 2017

Top 5 Causes of Kenyan Road Accidents in 2017

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As reported by the National Transport & Safety Authority (NTSA) and the Ministry of Transport of Kenya, a total of 2,834 lost their lives in road accidents as compared to 3,150 in 2016.

In examining the causes of these road accidents, the reports indicated that 91% of the road accidents were caused by humanly related sources. The following are the top 5 causes of Kenyan road accidents in 2017:

  1. Overspeeding
  2. Reckless driving
  3. Dangerous overtaking
  4. Drunk Driving
  5. Overloading


Overspeeding ranks on the top of the list as the leading causes of Kenyan road accidents in 2017. Driving beyond the required speed limit as well as failure to stick to the driving limits at various junctions as indicated by road signs is the major cause of road accident.

To reduce the road carnage, drivers must install speed governors in their vehicles and instill discipline while driving.

Reckless Driving

The 2017 Road Accident Statistics indicated that majority of the road accidents occurs on Saturday’s followed by Sundays.

Since most weekends are full of social events, many drivers and motorists neglect to abide by safety practices and rather run into reckless driving which plunges many into divers road accidents.

Dangerous Overtaking

While Overspeeding is a grievous cause of road accidents in Kenya, dangerous overtaking is still on the hit. Due to the reckless driving of many motorists and drivers in the haste of overtaking has caused many road accidents in 2017.

Drunk Driving

The issue of drunk driving is often associated with the weekends as drivers go to many social events and return into their vehicles fully drunk, driving themselves into road accidents. To reduce this menace, NTSA has placed a jail of two terms or Sh 200,000 in culprits found in this act.


Every car has a minimum weight that it can bear. But many commercial and private drivers fail to abide by this rule and overload their vehicles leading to a serious imbalance. This imbalance affects the vehicle and driving leading to road carnage.

To reduce the road accidents, it is very important all stakeholders—government, ministries, drivers, pedestrians, motorists, cyclist and all road users adhere to road safety polices and abide by them so that we can ensure peace on our roads.

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