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5 Reasons Your Corporate Vehicle Needs a Speed Governor

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Vehicles are very essential in our daily routines. Due to this, there is a need to stay safe in order to have a wonderful journey, whether on a long or a short distance. All vehicles may need speed governors to regulate its speed to reduce and regulate its speed. Some vehicles have them already installed whiles others do not have any. These are some reasons you should get one for your vehicle.

  1. The speed governor protects your engine from damage due to excessive rotational speed.

A vehicle with a faulty engine is very perturbing to the driver or owner. When this happens, it leaves the driver in a discomfort. Being in the car feels like walking with no umbrella during a rainy season. You might not know when it will start raining. The speed governor will help keep the engine for a longer period.

  1. The second reason is because speeding can cause road accident

Speeding has cost many lives and belongings. Most cars sold in the United States are fitted with electronic speed governors. In that way, speeding is under control as well as any other precarious situations.

  1. It can also damage your vehicle tires.

A speed governor helps to ensure vehicle stability and keep the speed of the car below the speed rating of the tires for safety purposes. Another important factor is the car’s tires. Ever look at all those numbers and letters on the sides of your tires?

Those tell you not only the size of the tires, but also their speed rating. The speed rating tells you the maximum velocity a tire can sustain before it’s in danger of blowing out. Most family sedans and vans have S or T rated tires, meaning it’s best to keep them under 112 miles per hour (180.2 kilometers per hour) and 118 miles per hour (189.9 kilometers per hour), respectively. Some exotic sports cars have Y rated tires, which can handle up to 186 miles per hour (299.3 kilometers per hour.

  1. A speed governor will reduce the severity of car crashes and car damage during any mishap.

Research shows that in many countries, they’re required on mopeds and some commercial vehicles. In the U.S., the speeding National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began looking at mandatory speed limiters on heavy-duty trucks in 2011. For instance, on the 2011 Ford Mustang, the V-6 model is restricted to 113 miles per hour (181.9 kilometers per hour), but the more powerful V-8 can go closer to 150 miles per hour (241.4 kilometers per hour).

  1. Speed governors protect you from becoming a law breaker.

 Every country has its peculiar rules and regulations governing its operations. When these laws are implemented, it covers every citizen. People are punished whenever they go contrary to them. Law breakers of speeding will definitely not go scout free. Drivers may speed at one time or the other but when you have your speed governor in your vehicle you are safe to go.

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