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Five Reasons Your Commecial Vehicle Needs A Speed Governor

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One may ask a question, why must need a speed governor for my commercial vehicle. These are the five reasons to help you know why you need one.

  1. It keeps engines safe.

When a car that is fitted with a speed governor reaches a preset top speed a series of sensors detect how fast you’re going, then communicate that information to the engine’s computer, which manages nearly all the engine’s functions. Once you reach a pre-determined top speed, the computer steps in and restrict the flow of air and fuel to the engine and even the sparks that cause combustion. Either way, you’ll be unable to exceed the top speed as determined by the car’s manufacturer.

2. Obviously, it helps reduce the road accidents, ensure road safety and protect the lives of innocent pedestrians.

It is very appalling to see many lives and properties being destroyed as a result of speeding. Innocent pedestrians waiting for a vehicle or even crossing roads usually fall prey to this canker. With an installed speed governor in your commercial vehicle, fewer lives are at risk of death through accidents.

3. Commercial vehicles without speed controllers end up polluting the environment.

The faster a car goes, the more fuel it consumes and the more pollution it produces. You can reach your destination faster without using excess fuel as your speed is controlled.

4. It helps reduce fear and insecurity in drivers and their passengers.

By the year 2020, road traffic injuries are expected to be in third place in reasons for hospitalized people. As per the National Crime Records Bureau Data (2015) 141,526 persons were killed and 477,731 injured in road traffic crashes in India in 2014. 27% of road deaths in India in 2013 were contributed by trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles.

Speeding has been identified as one of the top three reasons for road crashes and deaths across the globe. This increase the fear and panic in people when using the commercial vehicles. It makes speed management a very important tool for improving road safety. [Source: How stuff works]

5. It is a requirement by the state.

It is an offense to drive at a speed without any speed limiter. When this happens the Road Safety Authority can arrest and penalize for breaking the law. This is done to maintain road safety and also deter others from following suit.

With these narrations so far, I believe you now know that getting a speed governor for your commercial vehicle is a great idea!

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