There are 5 ways to avoid vehicle theft

5 Ways to Avoid Vehicle Theft

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Vehicle theft or grand theft is the criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal any motor vehicle, usually an automobile. There are 5 ways to avoid vehicle theft!

With thieves learning new ways to commit car crime, you must be very careful and cautious with your car. Here are the 5 ways to avoid vehicle theft and also for protecting your car’s content!

#1: Park in the right place

You are obviously going to feel nervous about leaving your car in a dodgy – looking area but car crime can be a problem in the good nicest parts of town.

Wherever you park your car, do your best to find somewhere that’s well lit. If you have the option to park under a street lamp, do so, even during the day.

There are 5 ways to avoid vehicle theft

If you are parking on your driveway or in a car park, make sure you park as close as possible to your house or another occupied building. And if you are at a program, try and park where there is a view of your car from inside. At the shops try to park close to the main entrance and in amongst other cars.

#2: Hide your belongings

Items such as mobile phone, wallets and cash should not be displayed. You should take these items with you if you can, but if you can’t make sure they are stashed well out of sight of prying eyes. Use your car’s glove box or if it’s fitted with one, the lidded storage compartment in the central console.

Do not just think in terms of valuables, either. Bays and even jumpers are all attractive to a thief, even if they aren’t worth much because of the possibility that they might conceal something that is, so don’t leave them in view on the seats.

#3: Keep track of your car keys

If a vehicle is missing, one of the first question to be asked is do you have the car key? Many people keep a spare key under the wheel – well or some other place under their car which is very wrong. Also if you have given a spare car key to someone who may no longer need it, ask for it back.

#4: Physically check that your car doors are locked

Central locking with a remote beeper is certainly convenient, but recently criminals have been taking advantage of this. As you walk away from your car and casually press the lock button, you simply assume that your vehicle will be locked.

There are 5 ways to avoid vehicle theft

Car thieves rely on this and using a ‘jamming’ device the signal from your remote is blocked. So your vehicle never receives the signal to lock the doors, allowing the thief to walk up to the car as if he owned it and steal any of your possessions and possibly the car.

With the help of vehicle tracking devices like car alarms and vehicle tracker you can also possibly track your car!

#5: Leave your windows slightly open

Another way, which makes breaking or smashing the windows of a vehicle far more difficult, is to leave the window slightly open! By leaving a window just one or two centimetres open, it makes it much more difficult to break.

This is due to the window being more flexible, allowing it to absorb impacts without shattering. Apart from this, a vehicle tracker or a car alarm alerts you when somebody touches your car. These things are not so expensive so it really good to invest in them before the worst happens to you!

Are you cautious of your vehicle? Well you now know the four ways to avoid vehicle theft? Kindly share your comments below and share this post with your friends!

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