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Avoid Crashes: 3 Reasons You Should Slow Down Your Speed

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As long as you have a car, you need to be speed conscious. Speed consciousness is crucial in ensuring that you keep to driving in the accepted speed limit as well as protecting yourself from road traffic crashes. While you may simply want to speed up to get to your destination, it always important to slow down.

Eureka Speed governors help you to control, monitor and manage your speed limit. The speed governors can simply control your speed range so that you can simply focus on driving your car. In either way, always make sure you slow down your speed.

Sometimes you may just be speeding up and not think that that “Just a bit over” can make a difference between being able to stop in time and preventing painful road traffic crashes. But speed always matters and that is why you need to slow down.

Always remember that your speed always determines the outcomes.  Each year, many people die on Kenyan roads as a result of speeding, either travelling above the speed limit or moving too fast for the conditions at hand. And this is why it always important to slow down your speed. If you don’t want to get it done manually, our Eureka Speed governors can help you to control the speed!

Well, here are the three reasons to slow down on the road:

  • Your Choice of Speed Can Affect other Road Users

You should always remember that there are other people using the road. So even though you own the car, you do not necessarily own the road on which you are driving. There are drivers, motorcyclist, bicyclists and pedestrians using the road. The reason you have to reduce your speed is that it is often very difficult to know what it is ahead of you, and varying upward swing in your speed can cause road traffic crashes.

  • Slow Down to Reduce the Severity of Crashes

An upward swing in your speed will mean that the time taken to slow down will also increase. The general speed rule is that the higher your speed, the longer it takes for you to stop the car. This increases the tendency of road accidents and increases the severity of road traffic crashes.

  • There’s Less Opportunity to React

One of the problems with speeding is the reduction in your ability to respond and react when the inevitable happens. This is the reason you should slow down when driving. The higher your speed, the more difficult you will find it when trying to react to sudden road surges.

A good way to monitor and control your speed is to install good speed governors such our Eureka Speed Governors.

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