Pedestrian Accidents in Kenya

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A pedestrian is a person who is walking, especially in a town or city, rather than travelling in a vehicle. Pedestrians always use the road in the day-to-day activities—moving to places and crossing the road.

In view of the usage of the road by pedestrian, the authorities have erected signs, symbols and walkways to ensure the safety pedestrians.

A pedestrian crossing is a place where pedestrians can cross a street and where motorists must stop to let them cross. When a pedestrian chooses to walk down a street with a high level of motor vehicle traffic, they are automatically putting themselves at greater risk for an accident.

Even if a pedestrian stays on the sidewalk and waits for a protected signal before crossing intersections, they cannot control the actions of motor vehicle drivers. Every pedestrian accident is caused by the negligence or inattentiveness of an automobile or motorcycle driver.

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Some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents is driver inattentiveness that results from talking on a cell phone, eating driving, programming a GPS.

Driver confusion can also lead to pedestrian accidents, especially when a driver is unfamiliar with the territory or when a driver is unfamiliar with the territory or when a one – way street is involved.

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