Top 5 Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Kenya

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One of the most common types of accidents is pedestrian accidents. These are accidents related and frequent with passersby crossing the road or walking along the road. Due to the negligence of drivers and pedestrians themselves, it has led to many pedestrian accidents.

Below are the top 5 causes of pedestrian accidents in Kenya.

  • Roads not having sufficient number of footbridges.

Most roads in Kenya do not have sufficient numbers of footbridges. North Airport Road in Nairobi has one of the highest death rates for pedestrians. This is because, busy roads such as Uhuru Highway and the Thika super highway do not have sufficient number of footbridges. The number of bridges on the roads needs to be increased.

  • Carelessness of pedestrians on the road.

There are road bridges designed for pedestrians to use while crossing highways but due to our laziness, carelessness, we choose to cross anywhere we are, some of these places are very dangerous and in the process a lot of lives are lost. Some pedestrians would cross the road while talking on the telephone, holding hands or even not observant at all. This carelessness eventually leads to death.

  • Driving while drunk.

Many people on the roads especially on weekends will drive while they are drunk, we are well aware of the effects alcohol has on our human judgment, most of these drivers end up in accidents—pedestrian accidents.

  • Over speeding Vehicles.

Due to the improved construction of roads, these roads are now very smooth and fun to drive on, however this has become a curse as some of the drivers now drive at a very high speed not thinking of the pedestrians on the road. When these speeding vehicles meet something on their way for instance a sharp bend, it becomes hard for them to regulate this car and will most often than not cause pedestrian accidents.

  • Improper Turns

In the course of using the road, a time will come when a driver will need to make a turn. To make a turn;

  1. Signal at least 30 meters before the turn
  2. Reduce your speed
  • Look out for traffic on all sides
  1. Cancel the signal when the turning is completed.

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